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On July 17, America lost two giants of the Civil Rights Movement, John Lewis and C.T. Vivian.
Reggie and I will honor them with a special edition of Deeper Than The Skin. As musicians and story tellers, we will bring into focus what their lives have meant to us, how they have prepared us to take the baton in this lifelong battle with racism and white supremacy. At this unprecedented moment in history, what we all do with what we’ve been handed will determine the future of this great experiment in individualism and self-rule called America. Will we fulfill the amazing promise or will we remain, as Langston Hughes wrote, “the American heartbreak.”

It will be a challenging evening for all of us, but, as always, Deeper Than The Skin is about hope and love. The task is before us and we have the tools we need. It’s up to us to pick them up and transform ourselves and the world.

Deeper Than The Skin virtual concerts and services:

Reggie and I would like for you to know that we are fully prepared to do presentations and church services on line. We’ve done many this way and have gotten universally wonderful reviews. We can tailor the event to fit many situations – mixing live and video elements.

Contact Greg Greenway at for more information.

Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey. We hope to see you on Thursday.
Please stay safe.  Less than 100 days to November 3rd.