Saturday July 17, 2021 7 to 9pm CDT

WFMT Chicago’s Folkstage presents

On Saturday night, Reggie and Greg will present the ever evolving story of their friendship of over 30 years, through the lens of Race in America. Every day is a new development. It’s never the same, it’s infused with their past and informed by our present. Please become a part of their journey. WFMT Chicago’s Folkstage, hosted by their noted emcee, Rich Warren, will live stream the event from Click on the “Listen” button.

Deeper Than The Skin virtual concerts and services:
Reggie and I would like for you to know that we are fully prepared to do presentations and church services on line. We’ve done many this way and have gotten universally wonderful reviews. We can tailor the event to fit many situations – mixing live and video elements.

Contact Greg Greenway at for more information.

Thank you to everyone who has followed our journey. We hope to see you on the 17th